Our promises

Our story started...

.. on June 26, 2016. Our founder, Catharina Anastasia Romanova started this organization with support to trans people in workrelated issues.

Since than we helped over 350 people with the challenges due to their deep felt wish to change gender and/ or sexe.

Now, our expertise is about the change of gender and sexe through help with health and work.

...with health and work..

… we focus on the main areas to create the balance around changes in gender and sexe of people.

All movements around the world start with transforming a small ripple of hope into meaningful actions.

Our action:  genderblending common services like jobcoaching, job placement, buddy support and psychology to fuel your story.

...to fuel your story

.. become part of our community! Learn from our professionals who put their energy in balancing the challenges of change in gender & sexe.

Feel the care and the unconditional love for all souls & spirits of our professionals.

Get to know other people we help and put your first steps to change your  gender and sexe to fit your balance.

Our services

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