The freedom to express your gender for anyone, anywhere: Genderness helps people to be themselves by increasing genderness. Gendernes is founded in the Netherlands and has the ambition to extend to the rest of the world. We bring balance and stability to the lives of people during or after their changes in gender or sex. Genderness assists them with personal guidance, job placement, and with the whole gender process.

From 2021 or 2022, Genderclinic will offer psychological care to all people through a wide range of therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, relationship therapy and trauma therapy. People also have the option to undergo their medical treatments at Genderclinic.

Through the use of buddies, Genderness wants to help people get out of their social and societal isolation. In the buddies, project work is done to remove barriers in private life in cooperation with buddies. Our mission is to do this by improving social and language skills. Our organization wants to support getting and keeping a job, while also improving all base skills and acquiring confidence.

All of our stories are in one place. Genderstories allows us to present the stories, life lessons and energy of our community. Learn, feel and inspire Genderness.

Genderflex is the first flex-work organization for people and experts around gender and sex. Flex jobs, outsourcing, freelancing or payrolling: Genderflex ensures that people work the way they want, while employers gain access to a specialized workforce and strengthen their diversity policy amongst many other benefits.

Gendertalent helps workplaces to achieve Genderness.
Every day we help trans people and professionals in the field of HR, social work, income-support, and many others to bring Genderness to the workplace. Our services are including but not limited to mediation, training and coaching